Some homeowners have grand plans of revamping their garage floors. However, they also tend to become discouraged from doing so when they see that the floor has sustained pitting or spalling, which are the results of improper mixing of the concrete or the freeze-thaw cycles during the cold winter season. Some homeowners don’t realize that it is possible to fix these problems easily. In this post, Guardian Garage Tampa shares a step-by-step guide to repairing your pitted or spalled garage floor.

Your Guide To Repairing a Pitted or Spalled Garage Floor


The first step to repairing a pitted or spalled garage floor is cleaning it. Otherwise, the new refinishing solution will not bond to your garage floor due to dirt and mold. To clean it will require the use of a pressure washer and a cleaning solution specifically made for concrete floors. Apply the solution according to the manufacturer’s specifications and let it sit for awhile before cleaning it with the pressure washer. Wait for 24 hours before applying the refinishing solution.


Once you’ve cleaned the garage floor, you’ll now have to fix the blemishes before you apply the new finish coat. Fill the holes that are ¼-inch deep or more with a foam backer rod or caulking. If there are any cracks, make sure to fill them with caulking or a crack sealer. Afterwards, put tape on both sides of the crack to keep the excess filler from spilling over the garage floor. Smooth the patch with a trowel or putty knife and then remove the tape. If you’re uncertain how to do this step, you can always ask the pros in one-day garage floors, Guardian Garage Tampa.


Once you’ve finished preparing your garage floor, you can now apply the resurfacing solution. After you’ve mixed it and applied primer (if needed), you can pour the solution directly on the floor and use a metal trowel or squeegee to fill all the pits. Make sure to make multiple passes from different angles to ensure total filling. Make sure to apply an even coverage to get a smooth, finish coat.


Concrete floors shrinks as they dry and cure so you need to make sure every now and then to determine if you’ll need a second coat. If you want a non-slip floor, use a push broom across the resurfacing solution’s surface while it’s still damp. That way, you can create indented lines for a slightly rough surface. As it dries, you can ask experts like Guardian Garage Tampa to apply finish materials like epoxy paint or polyaspartic floor coatings. Make your Google search for “garage floors residential experts” easier by turning to Guardian Garage Tampa.. We are your number one provider of basement waterproofing and garage flooring services. Give us a call at [phone_number_ga] or fill out our contact form to get a quote. We serve homeowners in Marietta, GA, and other nearby areas.