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Jonathan Schuetz September 21, 2023

Top Reasons Why Retailers Choose Polyaspartic Floor Systems

High-quality, durable flooring can be a game-changer, especially in high-traffic areas like your retail store. That’s where we,[...]



Jonathan Schuetz September 19, 2023

How a Polyaspartic Floor System Can Transform Your Garage

Sometimes, you might think your garage floor is so plain that it could use a facelift. It’s not just about vanity, either— a[...]



Jonathan Schuetz August 30, 2023

Tire Marks on Garage Floors: How to Avoid Them?

Are you constantly dealing with unsightly tire marks on your garage floor? As any car enthusiast or homeowner will tell you, keeping[...]



Jonathan Schuetz August 24, 2023

Will Floor Coatings on Concrete Floors Increase Safety?

Concrete floors can be a fantastic, durable choice for garages, but they can be slippery, easily stained, and susceptible to wear and tear.[...]



Jonathan Schuetz August 22, 2023

Pressure Washing Polyaspartic Floors: Is It Recommended?

High-quality polyaspartic garage floor coatings offer many benefits, including minimal maintenance requirements. Still, you might be[...]



Jonathan Schuetz August 16, 2023

Top Flooring Options for Veterinary Practices

Veterinary facilities, as with most commercial establishments, require flooring that can withstand daily wear and tear while maintaining[...]



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