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Useful Tips to Brighten Up Your Dark Basement

The basement of your home may be used for several things, including a storage or laundry area. Your basement may also have the basics in flooring and insulation installed, but it probably still feels dark and uninviting, which is why it’s only ever used for storing items or when you’re doing laundry. 

garage floor coating basement flooring

Our garage floor coating team Guardian Garage Floors explains what you need to know:

Your Basement Doesn’t Have to Stay Dark

Maybe your basement has very small windows, or none at all! This can make for a very dark basement, in addition to other structures blocking the natural light from your windows, such as wide overhangs and soffits. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck in the dark. With our services, we can help you shed more light into your basement!

Useful Tips to Consider

  • Lighter Floor Coating – If you’re planning to update your basement flooring, consider applying a light-reflective and glossy coating. Most of our epoxy garage floor options can be applied on other floors as well, including your basement. Not only will you get a nice and glossy finish on your floor, you’ll also benefit from its durability and resistance to scratches and stains.
  • Repaint Your Walls – Similar to lighter floors, you can also repaint your walls to lighter shades and tones. After you replace the old paneling in your basement with finished drywall and applying a fresh coat of paint, you’ll really see the difference. We suggest choosing neutral colors or pastels to achieve a nice and moody look.
  • Consider Adding Light Fixtures – You can hire a professional to install the right kind of lighting in your basement. If you’re concerned about headroom, we suggest using recessed lighting since it can be installed into the ceiling. Also consider adding accent lights such as table and floor lamps to brighten up your basement’s decor.

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