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Ways to Clean Your Dusty Garage Floor

Your garage is one of the most important places in your home. It protects your vehicle from outside elements, such as rain and hail. It also serves as your workshop wherein you carry out home projects, including painting and woodworking. For this reason, you make sure it’s regularly maintained. 

Ways to Clean Your Dusty Garage Floor

However, you may notice that no matter how many times you sweep your garage floor, dust continues to build up and accumulate. In this article, Guardian Garage Floors, a trustworthy partner for garage floors residential and commercial properties, will help you how to manage your dusty garage floor.

Why Is Your Garage Floor Dusty?

In most cases, dust is caused by wear and tear as a result of floor disintegration on its topmost layer. This is most likely due to foot traffic and cleaning activities. Other than wear and tear, dust may also be possible because of poor mixing ratios for the concrete during construction. This means there was too much silt or clay in the concrete mixture, or the top layer was cured insufficiently. 

Using too much water may also lead to a weakened floor structure. When used in excess in the concrete mixture, water may rise to the surface of the concrete. This bleeding water transports fine cement and other particles to the surface, which creates a loose layer that disintegrates to create dust. 

How Can You Clean Your Dusty Garage Floor?

There are many ways to control and manage dust accumulation on garage floors.

Repair or Replace Door Seals

If your door seals are damaged, it’s best to have them repaired or replaced immediately. This is because the breeze from the outside may enter your garage and cause friction on your garage floor. Additionally, it allows dirt from outside, making your garage appear untidy. 

Clean HVAC Regularly 

Your HVAC system can be extremely beneficial when removing dust and dirt from your garage area. As the filter pulls contaminants out of the air, it also helps get rid of excess dust from the garage floor. When it gets clogged, however, it may not function efficiently. Thus, be sure to have your HVAC filters cleaned and replaced regularly. 

Use a Vacuum

Do you know that by sweeping your floor, you are moving and redistributing the dust rather than entirely getting rid of it? As such, you may want to put down your broom and use a vacuum. A vacuum is more effective in removing dust. By using a vacuum with a good internal filter, you can successfully catch dust compared to sweeping. 

Consider Polyaspartic Coating

For many experts, polyaspartic coating is also a great way to keep your garage floor free from dirt. Not only can they withstand stains and dirt, but they are also smooth, watertight and easy to clean. A concrete garage floor with polyaspartic coating does not allow harmful contaminants to accumulate, leaving no room for dust particles to hide. Polyaspartic floor coatings are also very quick to install, so consult your one-day garage floors company to book a schedule. 

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