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The Pros and Cons of Commercial Kitchen Floor Materials

From constant greasy spills to traces of heavy electrical equipment, kitchen floors have a lot to deal with. Difficulties are even elevated if it is in a commercial building. That is why finding a flooring material that is not only durable or water- and stain-resistant but also easy to clean is essential.

To help you find the best for your property, garage floor coatings company Guardian Garage Floors shares the pros and cons of different commercial kitchen floor materials.

Tile Floor

One of the go-to options for commercial kitchen flooring is tile. Composed of clay and sediments, tile is an extremely durable and impact-resistant flooring. It is also easy to maintain since the material is highly stain-resistant.

Quarry tile is a popular type of tile flooring. It naturally has a slip-resistant texture and comes in a limited selection of beautiful colors, from reddish-brown to gray. This quality makes it an appropriate choice for kitchen areas. However, its installation can be a bit time-consuming for professionals.

Concrete Floor

A classic option for both kitchen and exterior house flooring, poured concrete is extremely sturdy and can be applied with a variety of surface textures and colors. It is not easily affected by heat or heavy impacts. However, concrete is porous so it has to be stained to resist oils or food spills. Luckily, polyaspartic coating can provide an easy solution. This substance is resistant to peeling and chipping and is one of the most effective garage floor finishes today.

Natural Stone

If aesthetic appeal is in your priority list, then you can never go wrong with natural stone flooring. It is durable and hard, but comes in a more expensive price point when compared to other flooring materials. For kitchen use, the stone floor must be smooth and not have deep surface variations to avoid accidents.

Need a hand with residential or commercial flooring? Guardian Garage Floors is here to assist you. We are the leading provider of some of the highest quality and nearly maintenance-free coating systems in the market today. Say goodbye to the kitchen, basement and garage floor epoxy coatings of the past!

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