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Tips on How You Can Create a Pet-friendly Garage

Your garage is an important part of your home, especially in the winter when it protects your car, tools and other supplies from the elements. The same things that keep our cars and homes running smoothly, however, may endanger our pets.

Tips on How You Can Create a Pet-friendly Garage

Is your pet able to go into the garage? It’s vital to maintain that area as a secure place for four-legged family members, whether they can enter from within the house or through a pet door in the yard. In this article, Guardian Garage Floors, known for quality epoxy garage floor coatings, shares how to make your garage pet-friendly.

  1. Remove Toxins

The first step is to clean out the garage of any toxins. Toxins kept in your garage are likely to be eaten or inhaled by your pets. You may not be aware that you have pollutants in your garage, therefore an inspection is the best way to find out.

  1. Secure Tools and Sharp Objects

Sharp things can injure pets. Lawnmowers, rakes and saws should be kept away from your pet’s play area. Pets should not be able to reach any sharp tools. It is always a good idea to use tool covers in areas where you store tools. Sharp objects should be protected by tool covers, making it impossible for your dog to play with them.

  1. Choose Easy-to-Clean Pet Proof Flooring with Appropriate Coating

Easy-to-clean flooring is ideal for pets. Dogs and cats are prone to shedding, having accidents, and tracking leftovers and dirt in from the outside. Pet owners should avoid flexible or soft surfaces. Harder surfaces, such as linoleum, wood, tile or resin surfaces, are significantly easier to clean than carpets and rugs.

The coating of the flooring is the key to making it dog- or cat-proof. A special garage floor coating that resists scratches, chipping, staining and other problems can be applied to a hard surface. Paints and varnishes based on polyurethane can provide long-term protection for your floor. These are appropriate for use in both commercial and residential settings, especially in areas where pets are frequently present.

  1. Access to Other Areas

It’s okay to let your dog run around in the garage, but also be aware that pets will need access to other areas. They need bathroom breaks. Leaving the garage door open is not a good idea for many reasons.

  1. Sweep the Garage Regularly

Sweeping your garage at least once a week is a good idea. It catches items such as nails, shattered glass and other potentially dangerous items. It shouldn’t take long if you have cleared out all of the debris in the garage, especially if you sweep on a regular basis.

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