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4 Substances the Guardian Garage Floor System Can Repel

Garage floors, residential and commercial, routinely take a beating. Spills are among the most common issues plaguing garage floors, and are particularly troublesome on concrete floors, which are porous and will absorb virtually anything spilled onto them.

4 Substances the Guardian Garage Floor System Can Repel

Fortunately, you can protect your garage floor with a high-quality coating system, such as our very own Guardian Garage Floor System. A specialized polyaspartic/polyurea blend that is 20 times stronger and five times more flexible than epoxy, it can repel different substances spilled on your floor, including:

  • Oil or Fuel – Oil spills are a common problem on garage floors. After all, where vehicles are, oil leaks are likely to be found. Oil spills make flooring look dirty and also create a hazard as they are slippery. With the Guardian Garage floor coating system, oil spills won’t be a problem. Unlike epoxy and other off-the-shelf coating systems that merely sit on top of the concrete, our coating system is absorbed into freshly ground concrete. This means oil spills won’t stain and you won’t need to resurface your garage floor to keep it looking clean.
  • Grease – It’s harder to clean grease off garage floors than you may think. As mentioned, concrete is porous, so it will absorb grease, making the substance very difficult to completely remove. With a Guardian Garage flooring coating system, however, you never have to worry about grease spilling on your garage floor. Just wipe it off as you would with water and you’re done.
  • Mud – Muddy floors are unsightly and can also cause accidental slips. Fortunately, you can avoid all that when you have your concrete floor coated with our polyaspartic/polyurea-blend coating.
  • Road Salts – De-icing salt may help to keep you safe while on the road, but it leaves residue that can be quite brutal to your garage floor, weakening the structure. This leads to bigger pores in the concrete, letting in more water than can freeze when temperatures drop, resulting in structural damage to the flooring. It’s a good thing road salts have no effect on the Guardian Garage floor coating.

Another benefit of our Guardian Garage floor solutions is that they’re one-day garage floors. This means your newly updated garage floor will be finished in just 24 hours, ready for you to use.

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