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Long-Lasting Commercial Flooring Materials

In business, replacements entail costs. An unexpected and premature replacement may force an owner to shell out a considerable amount of money. Therefore, it is wise to invest in highly durable property/equipment that will stand the test of time.

Long-Lasting Commercial Flooring Materials

The same rationale applies to a commercial garage floor coating. Below are durable materials that can provide substantial cost savings in the future.

Hard Tile Ceramic

This clay-based flooring material is one of the tougher makes in the market. For a highly frequented commercial building, it provides easy cleanup and resistance to staining. If installed the right way, hard ceramic tiles can be serviceable for many years.

Hard ceramic is also cost-friendly and available in diverse styles and colors. There is one limitation to this material, though; it is still prone to damage (in the form of cracks) over time. 

Engineered Hardwood

More sophisticated office buildings often employ this type of material. With slivers of hardwood being placed on top of a solid and premium plywood base, it is relatively pricier than other flooring materials. But if we are talking about value for money and longevity, engineered hardwood stands out. Not to mention, it is also less problematic to install and friendly to the environment.

Epoxy Floor Coating

Now comes the most durable of them all. Not to undermine other flooring options, but epoxy garage floor coating ticks almost all of the boxes. 

First off, it has minimal porosity, making it heavily resistant to spilled chemicals, dirt, oils and debris that are likely to penetrate other materials. From an aesthetic standpoint, who among your valued clients or team members can resist that glossy finish?

Epoxy floor coating simply withstands all the beating, spills and abrasions brought by a high-traffic business. It’s even perfect as a garage floor coating that soaks up hits from heavyweight equipment and machinery. 

Still unsure of which commercial flooring material to utilize? We at Guardian Garage Raleigh has a team of qualified installers and professionals that ready to help. We don’t only deal with traditional flooring materials, but also perfect alternatives to garage tiles, garage floor mats and epoxy.

As one of the leading garage floor coating companies in the area, Guardian Garage Raleigh aspires to help your business thrive by providing garage flooring options that last. Reach us at [phone_number_tn] or [phone_number_ga] for a free estimate.

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