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surefire-admin May 11, 2022

Why We Don’t Recommend Epoxy Garage Floors

Epoxy garage floors are a common choice among homeowners because of their durability and ability to provide good protection. However, like[...]



surefire-admin May 2, 2022

3 Qualities of a Mechanical Room Floor

Found in industrial and commercial facilities and other types of large buildings, a mechanical room is where you keep pieces of equipment,[...]



surefire-admin April 25, 2022

Benefits of Applying a Polyaspartic Coating on Your Patio

A polyaspartic coating can give you the extremely durable and long-lasting protection you want for outdoor areas, such as your patio, that[...]



surefire-admin April 18, 2022

Flooring Options for Basements Prone to Water Damage

If you are living in an area that sees a lot of heavy rainfall and storms, you will want to make sure that your basement floors are[...]



surefire-admin April 11, 2022

Spring Cleaning Tips for Concrete Basement Floors

Spring is a great time to carry out some spring cleaning around the house. In addition to fixing leaks in your roof or having your windows[...]



surefire-admin April 4, 2022

What To Expect After Installing a Polyaspartic Floor Coating

Many homeowners are choosing to use polyaspartic coatings on their garage floors, outdoor porches and basements due to the product’s[...]



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