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Spice Up Your Garage Floor by Considering These Ideas

If you’ve grown weary of your old garage space, maybe it’s time to consider putting some flash into it. One of the better places to start is with the garage floors. With cement garage floors constituting most of your working area, it’s justifiable to give it a little upgrade.

Spice Up Your Garage Floor by Considering These Ideas


Garage floors can be coated either by paint or epoxy. Paint is best suited when you simply want to hide stains, oils and grease on the floor. Epoxy, meanwhile, isn’t just for the outward appearance, but for performance and durability as well. Always be wary of application procedures and recommended temperatures when using the two.


Interlocking tile sequences, meanwhile, will give your garage floors a fresher look. And because they’re made out of rubber or heavy-duty vinyl, they also provide some form of protection to the floor. Because the tile squares snap together, they provide a smoother-looking finish. 

Apply peel-and-stick tiles for minor cracks on even garage surfaces. Unlock your creativity by creating color combinations that suit your style and preference. Dust and clean up the area first so as to help the tile adhere to the concrete.

Roll-Out Vinyl Flooring

Now, if it’s ease of installation that you’re looking for, nothing tops roll-out vinyl floors. Simply unfold it, spread throughout, trim off excess and you’re good to go. Replacement and repair may be a little more problematic for roll-out garage covers though. 

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