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Why a Bare Concrete Floor Isn’t Ideal for Your Garage

Having a bare concrete floor in your garage isn’t exactly ideal, especially because of how it’s typically used. While it’s true that it makes for a very durable material, it doesn’t exactly mean it’s the best type for your garage floor. Guardian Garage Floors, the number one choice when searching “garage floors residential” online, explains some of the problems you’ll encounter with an unprotected concrete floor:

No Protection

Because your floor is unprotected, it is very susceptible to damage from your car, lawn or gardening equipment, impacts, road salt, and more. You can even wind up with a chipped or cracked floor if you’re not careful. Concrete is also a porous material, and moisture can easily get into it and give cracks over time. 

Untreated garage floors are also susceptible to rebar corrosion and damage from freezing and thawing. These are just two things that can easily destroy your concrete floor, but it can be avoided if you protect it with a material that’s strong and reliable. Consider hiring our services at Guardian Garage Floors, and we’ll make sure your garage floor gets the right protection it needs.

It’s Also a Safety Hazard

No matter how you use your garage, whether as a workshop or just to store your car, safety should be your priority. The problem with bare concrete is that it’s not slip-resistant, so when it gets wet, it can become a fall hazard. And with all of the foot and tire traffic going in and out of your garage, a lot of dust gets easily accumulated, it can make it hard to keep your garage clean. It can also cause allergies to flare up, which is why a slip-resistant coating is recommended for garage floors. 

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