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Jonathan Schuetz November 21, 2022

Is Polyaspartic Flooring Suitable for Airplane Hangars?

An airplane is heavier than other vehicles, uses harsh aviation fuels, and can cause scratches and impact damage on hangar floors. That[...]



Jonathan Schuetz November 14, 2022

Can Good Floors Improve Business Productivity?

Quality flooring keeps your equipment, shelves and employees safe. It has excellent slip resistance to prevent accidents and requires[...]



Jonathan Schuetz November 11, 2022

Why You Should Seal Your Concrete Floors

Sealing your concrete floor benefits your garage in several ways. It prevents mold growth and extends the floor’s life span. If[...]



Jonathan Schuetz November 8, 2022

Amine Blushing: Causes and Prevention

Amine blushing is a common after-effect of epoxy cures. It creates greasy deposits that prevent varnishes and coatings from properly[...]



Jonathan Schuetz October 26, 2022

What to Consider for Your Office Space Flooring

You want a durable and long-lasting floor for your office space. Choosing the best material can be a tough decision, so it’s always a[...]



Jonathan Schuetz October 21, 2022

Why Homeowners Love Polyaspartic Basement Floors

Many of our customers have expressed satisfaction with their polyaspartic basement floors. This durable material has outdone epoxy floor[...]



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