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A Guide to Cleaning Different Types of Gym Floors

For many people, workouts are a part of their daily routine, and they require a safe atmosphere in which to perform them. Unfortunately, many people have been injured in public gyms or at-home training gyms as a consequence of substandard surfaces. The floor’s quality has a significant impact on the suitability of a workout environment. 

A Guide to Cleaning Different Types of Gym Floors

That’s why it’s important to take the proper precautions to prevent dirt, dust and grit from building up on your gym and garage floors. You can maintain it by following these basic gym-floor cleaning suggestions.

  • Rubber Floor

Rubber flooring is tough. Vacuuming regularly keeps the floor clean. We recommend washing it once a week depending on usage. Avoid putting rust-prone materials on the floor as they can leave rust stains on rubber floors. Scrub any spots with a plastic brush and water. Gently rub back and forth to avoid damaging the rough top surface. If the stains are tough, choose a cleaner that is safe for rubber floors and won’t discolor them.

  • Concrete Floor

Cleaning polished concrete floors with a microfiber dust mop is ideal. After dry mopping, use a cleaner. Don’t overwet it or leave it wet for too long as that can tint stained concrete. If needed, dry it with a cotton cloth. We also recommend that you install a floor coating. The polyurea-polyaspartic floor is a great option that provides protection from gym-related injuries. This sort of floor coating is used in a variety of industries and is gaining popularity. Polyurea-polyaspartic is an excellent choice for protecting gym concrete floor slabs from daily problems such as chemicals, spills, wheeled traffic, and wear and tear.

  • Vinyl Floor

Daily cleaning with a microfiber dust mop is recommended for vinyl flooring. Any dirt left on the garage floors could scratch it. After dusting, mop the floors as often as you mop the dust off. Use a neutral cleaner to avoid removing the wax that preserves your floors.

  • Wood Floor

Using too much water to clean hardwood floors might warp them. Ensure that the cleaning product you use is safe for hardwood floors before using it. Use a microfiber dust mop to clean your gym’s floors. After applying the chemical, sweep the floors quickly. 

  • Carpet Floor

Daily vacuuming is recommended to keep carpet floors free of filth and dust accumulation. Additionally, they should be thoroughly cleaned once a month, as they collect a lot of sweat and might trap bacteria and odors. 

Preventive practices can help your workplace avoid many issues caused by wear and tear. Remember that the proper floor coating can help keep your property safe. Contact Guardian Garage Floors for a premium gym or garage flooring. Call (615) 819-5362 or use our contact form to schedule an appointment. We serve businesses and homeowners in Nashville, TN and Rome, GA. 

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