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3 Best Reasons to Seal Your Concrete Patio

Compared to concrete driveways, concrete patios do not get a tremendous beating on a regular basis. However, you would not be overacting if you seal yours. Doing so is not a waste of money. Guardian Garage Floors details every reason why it is worth the trouble.

Moisture Protection

Any reputable garage floor coating professional would say that water can compromise the structural integrity of concrete, a porous material, slowly but surely. Moisture absorption worsens the effects of the perennial freeze-thaw cycle on concrete, causing it to crack due to expansion.

It is impossible to shield concrete from all sources of water in different forms like snow, but finishing it can create an effective layer of protection against moisture. Coating it can help keep the elements at bay and preserve the condition of the substrate.

Stain Resistance

Reliable garage floor coating companies would attest that a high-quality sealer is an excellent stain repellant. Remember that your patio is exposed to a myriad of substances such as food and fire-pit residue that can permanently ruin the appearance of bare concrete.

Spillage can happen no matter how careful you are. Some spills are more harmful than others, and you can’t always act fast enough to avoid an indelible stain in your concrete patio.

Color Preservation

Constant exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation will eventually result in discoloration. All flooring solutions, especially an epoxy garage floor, are no match for UV light. Sealing concrete with a polyaspartic coating system, however, will increase the resistance of your patio against this invisible threat, letting it grow old gracefully even without any shade whatsoever.

Turn to Guardian Garage Floors to explore the most suitable coating systems to properly and adequately seal your concrete patio. Call (404) 334-2797 or (615) 278-9900 to request for a free estimate now!

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