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A Closer Look at Our Garage Flooring Process

At Guardian Garage Dallas, we are a flooring company that has been creating the “wow factor” for hundreds of clients since 2008. We understand that the right flooring is only as good as its installation and that’s why we’ve developed a proven step-by-step process when it comes to applying our premium garage floor finishes.

A Closer Look at Our Garage Flooring Process

In this post, we give you a closer look at our garage flooring process.

Preparing Your Floor

We use custom diamond disk grinders to prepare the surface of your garage floor. Once the concrete is ground, we evaluate it for any cracks and divots. These need to be patched and filled; otherwise, your new flooring won’t be as effective as it should be.

After preparing the floor, we apply a base layer of tinted Polyaspartic polyurea to the floor to absorb the freshly ground concrete, unlike epoxy floors that sit on top of the concrete.

Color and Texture

After applying the garage floor epoxy as the base coat of the flooring, we then cover it with a layer of aggregate color chips. This adds texture and visual appeal to your garage. We then scrape and smooth out the surface to remove the excess chips and render a non-slip surface.

Once we’re satisfied with the base coat and the color chips in place, we complete our flooring process by applying a layer of high-solid Polyaspartic to protect and finally seal the base and chip of the floor. This proprietary blend is stronger than the standard epoxy floors and is 100% UV stable. Your new flooring will last a lifetime and you’ll never worry about it yellowing as it ages.

A Lifetime Garage Floor

Your new floor system is ready to be driven on twenty-four hours after completion. This is in contrast to the usual three-day curing process for traditional epoxy garage floors. Let Guardian Garage Dallas enhance your garage today with our durable and lifetime garage floor coatings.

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