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Can You Apply Garage Floor Coatings During Winter?

Many homeowners are postponing applying their garage floor coatings until after winter based on the belief that the cold makes for a bad installation environment for these products. In reality, most protective coatings are designed to be resistant to almost all types of abuse and exposure, which means there really is no wrong time to have your garage floor coated.So, can you schedule a coat application in the middle of winter? Let our experienced professionals at Guardian Garage Floors explain everything you need to know about getting this service during the colder months.

Curing Times During the Cold

Whether or not you need to start your garage floor coating project in winter depends on the product you intend to use. Some coats, like garage floor epoxy, will have minimum temperature requirements which means it’s not advisable to use them during this season. However, some versatile protective coating products such as polyaspartic floor coatings can be applied regardless of the weather or temperature, as they are designed to cure rapidly even under extreme heat or cold.

Strength and Durability

Polyaspartic floor coating offers one of the toughest layers of protection available today. It can give your garage floors much-needed UV protection as well as a high resistance to impact and abrasion from vehicular movement. Its ability to be installed no matter the season makes it a good choice for both homes and commercial properties alike.

Road Salt Defense

Some types of garage floor finishes can be damaged by road salt during wintertime. Polyaspartic floor coats are specifically designed to defend against chemicals you’ll usually encounter in a garage, including road salt. Its high level of protection can withstand plenty of abuse without showing any sign of usual wear and tear.

This winter, our professionals at Guardian Garage Floors can help you finish your garage floor renovation quickly and stress-free. Call us at (615) 645-3696 or fill out our contact form to schedule service visit today. We serve homeowners in Nashville as well as all surrounding areas.

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