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Care Tips for Your Concrete Pool Deck

It’s very relaxing to swim in a pool, most especially if the pool is yours and is located in your backyard. Nothing beats the relaxation that floating on water gives you after a long, tiring day at work. But while swimming is fun and relaxing, maintaining a pool isn’t. Pool owners need to worry about water treatment, as well as pump maintenance and cleaning. What’s more, homeowners will need to pay special attention to the concrete pool deck. Read on as your trusted garage floor coating experts discuss this further


Why Is That?

Well-maintained concrete pool decks add beauty to the pool. Unmaintained pool decks, on the other hand, are safety hazards that make the look pool bad from a distance, and make it dangerous to approach. Stains on the pool deck can cause it to look bad. Algae growth can also make it slippery to walk on. Dirty pool decks can become slippery, which makes it very dangerous for kids to be running around them. Deteriorating pool decks, such as those with cracks, can also cause injuries.

How to Maintain a Concrete Pool Deck

Maintaining a pool deck doesn’t have to be hard. Here’s how:

  • Clean it periodically

Epoxy garage floor experts say that constant cleaning prevents dirt buildup. You can either use a pressure washer to remove dirt and algae growth, or scrub the deck with a long-handled scrub brush and a solution made of one part water and one part bleach to clean it.

  • Use sealant

Concrete pool decks are constantly exposed to water, which can cause terrible damage if left unchecked. Using sealant on concrete pool decks will extend their lifespan and prevent unnecessary dirt and problems from ever occurring.

  • Close small cracks

Small cracks can be expected to appear on concrete pool decks. That said, they shouldn’t be ignored as they might grow bigger over time, leading to big problems and even bigger expenses. Repairing small cracks ensures that they won’t grow bigger than they are.

  • Consider using polyaspartic pool decks

Most people think of polyaspartic as solely a garage floor coating option, but the fact is it can also be used to create a durable pool deck that will withstand the effects of water, solar light and heat, and constant pressure brought about by foot traffic. These coatings are tough, easy to install,and quick to cure. You can even have it installed the day before you plan to host a backyard pool party.

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