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Floor Paint Verus Epoxy: A Comparison

Epoxy and floor paint—these two garage floor coatings both have the ability to turn ordinary garage spaces into elegant-looking ones. In ascertaining which one is right for you, you must first determine your purpose. You may ask yourself the following questions: do you expect casual visitors or high traffic (e.g., heavy machinery and vehicles passing through, etc.)? Are you looking for a temporary fix or an investment for the long term? Finally, are you leaning toward design over performance, or something that encompasses both?

Floor Paint Verus Epoxy A Comparison

Guardian Garage Dallas discusses both below.

Choose Floor Paint When:

You are looking for a quick fix. Surely, a properly applied floor paint is more than enough to hide blemishes and stains, however, it has a relatively shorter life span, too. Owing to its latex acrylic properties, you will eventually notice some scraping months after the application. Such deterioration accelerates with greater floor stress and abuse. 

When you’re applying it, thoroughly rinse your garage floor to flush out debris and dirt. Allocate two or more days to dry, then apply concrete paint using brush rollers.

Choose Epoxy When:

You are concerned about longevity and when you expect heavy traffic. Garage floor epoxy is comprised of one part polyamine hardener, and epoxy resin the other. Clear garage floor finishes are achieved by using a resin that is not tinted. Otherwise, tinted resin provides those vivid colors.

Properly installed epoxy garage floors usually require two coats of epoxy and two coats of finishing. If you are not versed with the time and temperature constraints, you may end up rushing the application, which leads to inferior results. 

Epoxy can cost twice as much as concrete floor paint. But with benefits like impeccable durability and impenetrability to oils and chemicals, it can prove to be a worthy investment. 

At Guardian Garage Dallas, we specialize not only in epoxy and epoxy alternatives but also in DIY floor coating kits and rubber garage floorings. With our premium polyaspartic floor coating systems, we vow to deliver flashy garage floors that are up to par with performance standards. 

As the most trusted locally owned business in garage floor finishes, you can count on us to offer you the appropriate garage flooring for your needs. You can reach us at [phone_number_tn] or at [phone_number_ga] for a scheduled consultation. We serve Nashville and other nearby areas.

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