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How to Prevent Sweating Garage Floors

Garage floor surfaces tend to become wet from time to time, and most cases it looks as if the floor is sweating. In addition to making the garage a damp place, it can also make the floor slippery and create a safety hazard. In this blog, Guardian Garage Floors discuss what makes garage floors sweat, and how it can be prevented.

What Makes Garage Floors Sweat?

The “sweat” on the garage floor is typically caused by condensation, which happens when humid air comes into contact with a relatively cool surface, which, in this case, is the garage floor. This results in droplets that result in what appears to be a misty floor. Condensation is common during warm summer months.

Another cause of sweating garage floors is moisture traveling upward from beneath the slab foundations. This is a common problem among slab floors that lack protective moisture barriers, since concrete is a porous material that can act like a sponge when exposed to moisture. 

Finding out which is which before you call for help can save you time. Obtain a large sheet of heavy plastic and, while the floor is dry, lay it down and tape it to a part of the garage floor. Leave it there until the garage floor starts sweating again. If the area right under the plastic sheet is dry, then you have a humidity problem. If the area underneath is wet, then the moisture is coming from the slab floor.

Preventing a Sweating Garage Floor

Controlling humidity levels is fairly simple, even if your garage doesn’t have air conditioning. You can start by installing a dehumidifier, which absorbs humidity in an enclosed space. You will need to empty its water pan regularly to ensure efficiency. Air circulation and ventilation also helps vent humid air from the garage. This can be achieved by opening windows or installing exhaust fans.

Addressing sweating slabs takes much more work, and is best left to professionals. Waterproofing barriers will need to be installed or replaced, which means the slabs may have to be dug up. While polyaspartic coatings can improve traction and make the garage floor less slippery, addressing the source of moisture is the ideal long-term solution.

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