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Terrific Tips for Keeping Polished Concrete Flooring Shiny

Polished concrete flooring is desirable for many functional reasons, but its signature characteristic is its shiny apparence. The gloss of its finish can soften the appearance of its material, which is often considered cold.

Although it does not cost a lot to maintain a polished concrete floor, it nevertheless requires diligence. Today, Guardian Garage Floors, the authority on garage floor coatings, shares expert tips for keeping polished concrete as sleek as it should be all the time.

Use Welcome Mats

Rule number one is to minimize the contaminants that could negate the reflectiveness of the floor. The main enemies of polished concrete are dirt and mud. The higher the foot traffic in the area, the faster the floor will get filthy.

It is unreasonable to ask everyone to take off their shoes before entering the property. But you could place mats next to exterior doors to subtley tell them to somewhat dust down before stepping inside.

Make Mopping a Daily Habit

Even low garage floor finishes could use some mopping on a regular basis. Doormats can eliminate the entry of dirt and mud, making an effort to wipe high-traffic areas can suffice to keep the polished concrete flooring clean and glossy.

Dust, Dust, Dust

The thing about floors is that they will get dirty even when no one is around. Airborne dust from outside could get inside through the tiniest of gaps. If you do not proactively dust, polished concrete could lose its appeal quickly because of filth. Before you know it, there is thick dirt buildup covering most of the floor that only worsens with foot traffic and airflow.

At Guardian Garage Floors, we offer the ultimate alternative to the garage floor epoxy: the polyaspartic coating system. Call us at (615) 278-9900 to learn about how it improves everything that is desirable about concrete flooring. You can also fill out our contact form for a consultation. We serve clients in Nashville.

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