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The 5 Best Garage Flooring Options

Homeowners looking to add some style and color to the garage will be pleased to know there are more flooring options in addition to the standard gray brick or concrete. These range from tiles to coatings and sealers.

The 5 Best Garage Flooring Options

In this post, Guardian Garage Dallas shares the five best garage flooring options and what makes them great choices.

1. Concrete Stain

This is basically the standard concrete sealer but with pigments that give it more color. As with the standard sealer, it shows what your concrete floor looks like when it’s dry. Concrete stain also penetrates concrete, unlike floor paint, which means it lasts longer, too.

2. Epoxy Paint

This floor paint is a popular choice for garage floors that need an extra-tough coating. It resists marring, chemicals, oils and gasoline. On top of that, it also comes in a range of colors to choose from. The standard epoxy paint is a bit difficult to work with, but there are many water-based epoxies to choose from that are very easy to apply and clean with regular soap and water.

3. Sheet Vinyl

This flooring is made extra-thick and tough and is perfect for garages that experience a lot of foot traffic. Unlike other tiles, sheet vinyl is textured for traction and is especially resistant to gasoline and cleaning fluids.

4. Rubber Tiles

This flooring option boasts a unique, interlocking edge which allows you to install it without glues. Rubber tiles are tough, resistant against chemicals and come in a range of colors to choose from. Some have anti-slip and -skid properties, making them an ideal choice for garages that experience a lot of humidity or wetness.

5. Carpet Tiles

The carpet tiles used for garages differ from the standard ones for living rooms. They are made from a tougher synthetic polymer that boasts better resistance to oil and chemicals. They can also be power washed and are virtually crush proof. These tiles also come in peel-n-stick versions in a range of colors, too.

At Guardian Garage Dallas, we’ll help you pick the best coating or tile for your garage floors. Tennessee homeowners can reach us at [phone_number_tn]. Georgia customers may contact us at [phone_number_ga] to learn more about our services. We offer garage flooring services in Nashville, TN, and Rome, GA.

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