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Why Concrete Garage Floors Spall And How To Prevent It

Spalling is the break away of concrete surface due to corroding reinforced steel, which is embedded within the concrete. The reinforced steel, or rebar, embedded within concrete can become corroded when it is exposed to humidity, which can cause it to produce corrosion products, or put more simply, rust. As the rust that comes as a result of this corrosion increases in volume, greater pressure is applied on the concrete, causing it to spall.


This issue becomes even more pronounced with changes in the weather. Concrete will expand depending on the weather conditions. The increasing pressure brought about the presence of rust on the rebar, along with the weather, will push the concrete and cause it to spall.

How to Prevent It

Spalling might be a real hassle, but it’s not impossible to prevent. Thankfully, there are a few things that can be done to prevent it from happening.

  • Use a good water sealant

Applying water sealant to the finished floor surface will prevent water from entering the concrete. The use of polyaspartic floor coating might also help garage floors withstand spalling.

  • Early-entry dry-cut

Huge concrete floor slabs in garage floors in Marietta, GA, and beyond, will benefit from early-entry dry-cut, which helps prevent spalling.

  • Proper management

Homeowners should learn how to manage their concrete floors, including how the concrete is poured in the first place. That way, they will be able to provide adequate cover to rebar and prevent spalling.

  • Avoid using excess water in concrete mixture

The excess water in every concrete mixture can cause rebar to corrode and create rust. Contractors must know how much water is needed for every mixture, and choose not to put more than what is necessary.

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