Comparing Top Garage Floor Protection Options

Garage floors can take a fair amount of beating, which makes garage floor protection a must. In this blog, garage floor coating company Guardian Garage Floors shares a quick comparison of today’s top garage floor protection options.     Why Should You Have Your Garage Floor Protected? Garage floors are exposed to dirt, dust, grease and various types of automotive fluids 

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3 Flooring Considerations For Food & Beverage Facilities

When designing a manufacturing facility for food and beverage, every element must be taken into account in order to create a productive environment for the employees and safe products for the customers—and that includes the flooring. In this post, garage floor coatings contractor Guardian Garage Floors reveal what facilities need from a flooring solution. ——————————————– CONTINUE READING ——————————————– Strength. Industrial flooring needs 

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Comparing Concrete Sealants And Polyaspartic Coatings

Concrete is a durable and reliable building material, but it has a few vulnerabilities. It is subject to cracking as it cures, and it can be damaged by vehicle traffic, freezing water and corrosive chemicals. Concrete floors also don’t look that appealing without any sealants or coatings. Fortunately, there are products that can correct these problems. In today’s article, Guardian 

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