How to Prevent Road Salt Damage to Your Garage Floor

During the winter, salt can damage concrete garage flooring, and it’s a substance that’s difficult to avoid regardless of your driving and parking habits. In this post, Guardian Garage Floors NC discusses how road salt can damage your garage floor finishes and what you can do to prevent the damage.   The Cause of Salt Damage to Your Garage Floor When snow 

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Warehouse Concrete Flooring: Does It Need Repair?

Concrete flooring is commonly used in various commercial properties, from office buildings and apartments to schools and retail stores. But while concrete flooring is known for its stability, it’s more likely to be damaged when used in a warehouse. That’s because warehouses have both foot traffic and use and abuse from heavy vehicles. This may lead to damage that requires 

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How to Keep Public Restrooms Clean and Safe for Everyone

It can be hard to find a clean and sanitized public bathroom. Apart from looking unkempt, dirty bathrooms also pose serious health risks. Fortunately, there are several ways to make public bathrooms more hygienic and safer for everyone. Guardian Garage Floors, your go-to source for high-quality garage floor coatings, provides helpful tips on maintaining a clean public bathroom. Utilize Electronic Products 

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