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3 Reasons Behind the Condensation on Your Garage Floor

Condensation can occur in your garage for various reasons. Typically, this issue is caused by moisture infiltration, salt deposits or hydrostatic pressure.

Read on to learn how these three culprits can cause garage floors residential to “sweat.”

3 Causes of Condensation in the Garage

1. Moisture Infiltration

When warm, moist air seeps into your garage from the outside, it can result in condensed water on the garage floor if the floor’s temperature is below the dew point.

2. Salt Deposits

This isn’t really a common reason for condensation on garage floors, but salt deposits can sometimes form because of leftovers from winter treatments. It’s also possible for natural salts found in the concrete mixture to attract moisture from the air and onto the concrete surface. Salt has a hygroscopic nature, which enables it to draw moisture from the concrete itself — leading to condensation.

3. Hydrostatic Pressure

This is the least likely cause of sweating garage floors because most residential garages are built with at least a stone base that separates the concrete slab from the supporting ground. Nevertheless, hydrostatic pressure is when water vapor is pushed up through the concrete slab faster than the normal evaporation rate.

Reducing Garage Floor Condensation

  • Install a dehumidifier. This would absorb the excess moisture in your garage.

  • Use a vapor barrier. Alternatively, you can opt for insulation products with built-in vapor barriers. Remember that a vapor barrier can only be used to cover your garage floor. Do not use it on your ceiling as this will only trap water vapor in your garage.

  • Apply a polyaspartic coating. This will reduce the condensation in your garage and protect your flooring against damage. One-day garage floors with polyaspartic coatings are possible with the right contractor.

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