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surefire-admin November 27, 2020

Useful Tips to Brighten Up Your Dark Basement

The basement of your home may be used for several things, including a storage or laundry area. Your basement may also have the basics in[...]



surefire-admin October 26, 2020

What Affects How Slippery A Coated Floor Is?

If you’re planning to have your garage floors coated this season, you’ll want to have all bases covered. Aside from design and type of[...]



surefire-admin October 23, 2020

3 Reasons Polyaspartic Floors are Ideal for Sporting Venues

Today, the epoxy garage floor is out and the polyaspartic floor system is in. The latter outshines the former in every[...]



surefire-admin October 21, 2020

Preparing Concrete Before Polyaspartic Coatings Application

Some homeowners still use garage floor epoxy, but here’s a newer and better alternative: polyaspartic coating systems. This[...]



surefire-admin October 19, 2020

4 Reasons Why Our Customers Love Guardian Garage Floors

The garage flooring usually takes the backseat when it comes to home maintenance or improvement. But with the right upgrade, it[...]



surefire-admin October 13, 2020

Why Is Polyaspartic Flooring Better for Your Open Porch?

The flooring of your open porch is constantly exposed to natural weather elements as well as daily foot traffic. It helps to use a material[...]



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