How to Keep Your Concrete Floor Healthy and Hygienic

You may think that your concrete floor is already strong and robust on its own, but it’s still exposed to all kinds of chemicals and bacteria. If you want it to be resistant to moisture and bacteria buildup, you’ll need to consider applying a good floor coating that can give the right kind of protection. Our garage floor coating team at Guardian Garage Floors shares their insight:

Concrete Floor Healthy and Hygienic

Concrete Floors Aren’t Resistant to Chemicals

When it comes to resistance to chemicals, an unfinished concrete floor can be very vulnerable. Leaving your concrete floor bare will also be harder to clean and maintain, as nearly any kind of spills and oils can stain your concrete floor. This is due to the porous properties of a bare concrete floor which allows the spills and oils to be absorbed. This also makes it easier for bacteria to breed, which isn’t very healthy and hygienic.

Coat Your Concrete Floor to Keep it Hygienic

While concrete floors are recognized for their strong environmental benefits and contribution to physical health, you’ll do even better when you have yours coated and polished by expert garage floor coating companies. Other benefits include:

  • Better Indoor Air Quality – This means you won’t have to worry about mold, mildew or other microorganisms growing on your concrete floor. You also won’t have to use synthetic carpeting either, which emits volatile organic compounds during installation.
  • No More Allergies – Carpeting can be one of the biggest contributors to allergies simply because it can be difficult to keep clean. It can also be a haven for dust mites, pollen and other allergens. A coated concrete floor won’t trap allergens and is easy to clean.

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