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surefire-admin February 18, 2020

Care Tips for Your Concrete Pool Deck

It’s very relaxing to swim in a pool, most especially if the pool is yours and is located in your backyard. Nothing beats the[...]



surefire-admin February 11, 2020

Polyaspartic vs. Polyurethane Floor Coatings

When selecting garage floor finishes or coatings, homeowners will be greeted with terms like polyurethane coatings and polyaspartic floor[...]



surefire-admin February 6, 2020

Why Choose Polyaspartic Floor Coatings For Animal Shelters?

Animal hospitals and shelters require a specific kind of floor coating. The floors in these places need to be prepared for the number of[...]



surefire-admin January 24, 2020

Why Is Polyaspartic Coating Perfect for Public Restrooms?

The public restroom is burdened by heavy foot traffic and constant spillage. Although everyone should be considerate of other users, not[...]



surefire-admin January 17, 2020

3 Best Reasons to Seal Your Concrete Patio

Compared to concrete driveways, concrete patios do not get a tremendous beating on a regular basis. However, you would not be overacting if[...]



surefire-admin January 10, 2020

Terrific Tips for Keeping Polished Concrete Flooring Shiny

Polished concrete flooring is desirable for many functional reasons, but its signature characteristic is its shiny apparence. The gloss of[...]



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